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Once a conquistador always a conquistador (Slovaki by Slovakia12 Once a conquistador always a conquistador (Slovaki :iconslovakia12:Slovakia12 0 0


Parents!Rochu x Daughter!Reader (ch.1)
Being the teenage daughter of two gay parents is hard....When you started your period for the first time, Yao thought you where dying and called 911...Ivan thought someone had hurt you...
When it came to clothes it wasn't as bad....Yao had a pretty good taste in female clothing...Ivan..Welllllllllllllll he mostly cared about what was coverage...No sleevless shirts no dresses or skirts above the knee and turtle necks...Of course that was just his prefrence...Yao would always tell you to drain out his voice when they took you clothes shopping...But that normally resulted in yelling...
Female emotions/hormones..Both of them where terrible at understanding it..When you got snappy and cranky,Yao would just help you calm down until you where normal again...Ivan would normally start screaming at you on how you where being 'disrespectful' and you needed to stop being a 'brat'...
Even though neither of them knew what it was like to be a girl they where doing a pretty good job at raising you...B
:iconvenenziano24:Venenziano24 3 3
Papa!TurkeyxChild!ReaderxMama!Greece -Pt 2-
  A few years later when you were about 4, you had gained most of your strength back. You were a very weak and skittish child, not really like being around other people due to your own experience with your parents.
  Your mommy and daddy fought all the time, but you knew how to get them to stop. So in all technicality, you were the peacemaker, the voice of reason. And you learned this in a year or two.
  Mommy always fell asleep on the couch too. You knew he and daddy didn't get along very well and you started to gain a bit of fear from it. Before you were abandoned, the same thing happened to your birth parents.
  One day, your mommy and daddy were fighting over something really stupid. You had tears in your (e/c) eyes and tried to get them to stop as usual, only you had been doing this for awhile and they barely noticed.
  It only got bad when daddy took the closest thing in range to his hand (which happened to be something glass) and smashed it into the grou
:iconmikmik121:mikmik121 196 70
Papa!TurkeyxChild!ReaderxMama!Greece -Pt 1-
  Greece never did anything to deserve this...this punishment. But there was nothing else he could really plan on doing at this point. With no other help in sight, he knew he'd have to ask him. Looking at the door which seemed to be mocking him now, he sighed and went back about an hour or so to when all of this happened.
  Greece walked down the streets, rain looming and waiting overhead in the gray clouds that hung in the clouds. There was nothing different really, only the fact that there was rain and he felt like actually doing something.
  One of his many cats was ahead of him and as they passed an alleyway, it stopped and peered in. Greece stopped and wondered what was catching the interest of the animal.
  He watched it just sit there, staring off into seemingly nothing for a moment before approaching it and scooping it up into his arms. The cat's gaze still didn't avert so he met up where it was staring. Sure enough, there was a sm
:iconmikmik121:mikmik121 287 154
APH- MEME: MPreg by LotusMartus APH- MEME: MPreg :iconlotusmartus:LotusMartus 262 100
Greece x Depressed!Abused!Child!Reader-A Home

...a guy holding an adorable kitty.
"I guess I get to keep her." He said dreamily as I petted the cat's head.
"Do you have more kitties?" I asked.
"Yes. In Greece there's lots of cats. You can play with them and take naps at ruins of Ancient Greece." He promised, picking me up gently.
"What do I call you?" I questioned, nuzzling against his chest for warmth.
"I am Greece, or Papa." He said as I drifted to sleep.
I smiled as the little girl snuggled close to my chest, fast asleep.
"Well I can see  you two will get along just fine. Take good care of her Greece." England said, waving as I left. Outside it was raining, causing the girl to shiver. I wrapped her in my jacket, stroking her hair softly as I searched for my car. Once I found it I placed her gently in the back seat, turning on the car's heater. I heard a pained whimper come from behind me as I climbed in and I looked to see the young girl curled in a ball, her muscles tensing ever
:iconhome7654:Home7654 165 96
Cheater!America x Reader .: Stay With Me:.
Cheater!America x Reader
Stay With Me
      You knew Alfred had been cheating on you. You just didn't want to believe it until now. In fact, you probably would have never found out if you hadn't forgotten your purse at his house.
     Alfred was seeing your best friend, (best friend name), and they seemed perfect together. Well, in your eyes.
     You've known Alfred since middle school; you were now graduating college after 6 years. You both actually went to the same college, but (best friend name) also went there. You were ecstatic when you first heard about it; I mean, come on, your best friend and boyfriend going to the same college as you? Tell me you wouldn't be bursting at the seams with happiness.
      Anyways, you never really understood why they hung out so much together. Maybe they were bonding in a friendly way? No, there has to be more to that than just 'bonding'. You knew what it was, but you just couldn't accep
:iconkitty-kat-darkside:Kitty-Kat-DarkSide 158 119
America X Reader- My American Idiot (Oneshot!)
A/N- Hey, um, well, the song in this is American Idiot by Green Day. Check it out please, cuz it’s awesome-
I totally sound like an awkward person trying to be cool. ;w;
This just kinda veered off course… Sorry. I tried.
Sorry if America seems to OOC in this… First time writing about him~ Enjoy please~
    Here you were, dancing to American Idiot. Your radio was as loud as it could go, which probably make the music be heard from the outside. Hell if you cared.
    You were alone in your house anyways, so you just danced. And besides, you locked your front door and the only person who has the keys to your house is your best friend (and crush) Alfred and yourself. And it was unlikely for him to visit you out of the blue today, since he was probably hanging out with his friends.
~CHANGE OF P.O.V.| Alfred’s/America’s P.O.V.~
:iconshadowrealm666:ShadowRealm666 222 196
Jealous Much? (Jealous!America X Reader)
(A/N: Before reading, please take note that you live in the US so, meaning you get to see or visit America a lot. Thanks and happy reading :D)
"Yo, (Y/N)!!"
You looked to see your hyper and friendly best friend for a long time, America. When you see him right in front of you, his happy-go-lucky expression was the same always which really suited him so well that it made you drawn closer to him like glue. 
Today is just an ordinary day like nothing exciting never happened which made you entirely bored like crazy and you can't help but jump around the house with your favorite genre of music playing in the background that literally filled up your empty atmosphere to make your day a bit lively.
Though, right after you finished dancing, jumping, hopping or what so ever, you decided to stretch it up by jogging around your neighborhood but just when you are about to leave the house with the shoulder bag that is carried by your shoulder, you encountered America in your door step jus
:iconmegablazethecat:MegaBlazethecat 198 23
Open Chair - Jealous!America X Reader
Open Chair – Jealous!America X Reader
For the first time in the obnoxious boy’s history, America was the first to arrive at a meeting. Often he wandered in late or what he called “fashionably late”, though that was only an excuse which he had been using for over a century now.  This excuse, however, did not settle well with most of the countries and frequently ended with Germany or England berating him for it.
He snickered to himself as he made his way through the empty room, imaging the awestricken faces of those two when they saw he had appeared before them. He could barely contain himself as he thought about the bragging that would surely ensue on his part and the disapproving grunts on theirs. He moved quickly to the end corner of the table, not wanting to waste any time, and took a seat in the second to last chair. In the end chair he placed a stack of newspapers that he had been carrying down with a smile. He leaned back and with a contended sigh plucked t
:iconsugarroll:SugarRoll 935 125
Peter Parker x Reader ~ DAD!
You were sitting on the couch, with your precious boyfriend, Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, or Spidey. You were sure you loved him, and he loved you more than his own life. Though he didn't want to rush things so you have never... you know what. Bees and birds... to the point! You were sitting with him, on the couch, trying to focus on your book, as much as he was trying to focus on his. But you both were distracting each other just by existing. Finally he sighed heavily and put the book down, as you grinned with victory on your face.
"I won." You smirked and closed the book. "What would I get as a reward?" You purred silently looking at him closely. He smiled and opened his arms.
"C'mere (Nickname)." You willingly cuddled up to him, burying your face in his chest. God he was warm and so comfortable. "Happy?"
"You have no idea." You hummed hugging him tightly. "God you're a wonderful bed Peter. I'm gonna keep you." He chuckled slightly as you groaned. "Don't you dare move! I just got com
:iconbrodreravn:BrodreRavn 473 75
Big Brother! Norway X Child! Reader- Go to sleep
“________! Come back here! it’s time for you to go to bed.” your big brother Lukas was chasing you all over the house and he was carrying your Jammies.
“noooooooooo! I don’t want too!” YOu ran around until you were tired and saw Big Brother Emil “ Big Brother Emil! help me! Please? “ you begged him with your big (e/c) Eyes to Emil. He smirked with Liquorice in hand, gave you a strand  and Picked you up and handed you to Lukas. “NUUUUUUU! DX I don’t wanna!”
“Now _________ You have too. You Yawned 10 times earlier and your eyes say that you’re tired”
“But Big Brother-” you had to stop talking to yawn
“Nope you’re going to Bed. You yawned 11 times now. I’ll even count sheep for you if you want” Lukas said as he ruffled your (h/l), (h/c) hair.
“ but Onii-chan “ Lukas Blushed at what you Said. You mainly Called him Big Brother which he LIked. But ‘On
:iconlucky-onigiri:Lucky-Onigiri 56 16
Double-crossed [Papa! Norway x Child! Reader]
Standing behind your “Uncle” Denmark, who was sitting on the couch, you ran your fingers through his seemingly gravity defying blonde locks. “Hey, Y/n… Want to play a trick on Norge?” The Danish man asked, referring to your father who was asleep in his room.
“Why would we prank Pappa?” You questioned, knowing whatever he had in mind would not play out very well.
You giggled as he picked you up from behind him and set you onto his lap with his trademark goofy grin on his face that also held an aura of mischief to it.  “Because… Jeg keder mig and it sounds like fun!”
You glanced into his crystal blue eyes, matching the level of mischief they held, imitating his smile. “Yeah!”
“He’s asleep now, so I’ll go steal his precious hair cross…and afterwards, you go wake him up. When he finds it missing, he’ll freak!” Denmark’s booming laughter filled the room and you shook you
:iconbutterfly12157:Butterfly12157 90 34
Daddy Norway x Baby Reader
~Call me pappa~
Norway's P.O.V
“ Okay, let's try this one last time...” Lucas sighed, “(name) can you say 'pappa'?” he asked and looked down at his 9 months old daughter, (name). The young girl stared back at him with big (e/c) eyes and then she open her mouth. Norway looked hopefully at her but was let down when a tiny yawn left (name) before rubbing her left eye with her small fist.
“ I think it's time for my little princess to have her beauty sleep...”Lucas chuckled as he tuck her into the (f/c) bed.  (name) snuggled into her soft blanket as Lucas placed her favourite plushie, a fairy with a (f/c) dress and (2nd f/c) details next to her.
“ I guess I just have to try to make you call me pappa when I come home.” the blond haired mumbled and exit the room.
He walked down to the kitchen.
“ well I have to go to the meeting. If anything happens call me.” he explained as the man at the stove turned around.
“Hm? You don'
:iconblue-yellow-cloud:blue-yellow-cloud 473 77
(Father!DenmarkXDaughter!Reader) For the Love...
~For the Love of a Daughter~(Father!Denmark X Daughter!Reader)
You barely remember those years, but the memory is still there, fuzzy but there. How your father used to be when you were 3 and younger. Blond hair styled up in the most gravity-defying way, blue eyes always sparkling with happiness, strong body and arms that promised protection for his family, and a grin that you could never forget. A smile that spoke love, pride, and just pure elation whenever it was directed to anybody he cared about. How his laugh could cause even Uncle Lukas to sometimes smile, then he's choke him with his tie. You remember the days you called him, "Daddy" with so much love and pride.... Until something changed and everything went wrong, your parents started fighting.
Four years old with my back to the door
All I could hear was the family war
Your selfish hands always expecting more
Am I your child or just a charity ward
A four year old shouldn't be hiding behind a door, try
:iconcanadianturtle:CanadianTurtle 363 135
Hetalia: America x Reader: Video Games in the Dark
"Hey, Alfred." You knocked on the front door and waited patiently, "Are you home?"
You knew the answer, of course he was home! Alfred planned to play some video games with you, and he was so excited about it, so there was no way he'd miss out! Your head grew hotter and so, impatiently you leaned against the door. You stumbled, almost loosing your balance, what? It was open?
Allowing yourself to step in, and making sure to close the front door with a firm click, you blinked in surprise. Alfred's house was grand, too large for a single young man, and was enveloped in pitch-black darkness. You kept blinking, trying to get used to the darkness, and noticed light was slipping through a gap under a door. You stepped closer to it, abandoning your shoes close to the front door, and reached for the handle. The door creaked open slowly, and flashes appeared suddenly like lightning. The curtains were closed and it seemed that the only trace of light there was, was emitting from a large
:iconsugaranimekitty99:SugarAnimeKitty99 157 72
Sweet Dreams (ChibitaliaxHoly Roman Empire)
Italy was asleep in Germany's bed. Again.
Germany sighed. He was slowly getting used to the happy-go-lucky Italian's habits. Instead of freaking out or trying to wake up the sleeping nation, he gently moved the smaller brunette to the side so he could lie down and get some sleep himself. As soon as he laid down, Italy rolled over and snuggled into the blonde's back. Again, Germany sighed.
"Gute Nacht, Italien..." he murmured before falling asleep.
In Italy's dream, he was a small child again. He was sweeping the floor in the kitchen, humming a happy song. When he turned around, he froze in surprise. A small blonde boy wearing all black with a matching hat was standing in the doorway shyly.
Italy's eyes teared up. "Holy Rome! It's you! You promised you would come back, but you never did..." Suddenly, the dream had changed. Holy Rome was still a child, but Italy was an adult. "I waited for you, but you didn't come back... Why didn't you keep your promise?"
:iconpokerose:PokeRose 52 35


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Once a conquistador always a conquistador (Slovaki
I used rinmaru to make it at first but I will draw her in th future. She is my Hetalia OC


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